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Ace Schedule is a clean and easy-to-use Windows and Mac OS X desktop application that allows you to compose your small
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22 July 2012

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Resource/employee allocation can be done through this tool.

Ace Schedule program is an accurate software tool for assessing your company`s workload against your available staff. This tool will help you schedule your resources most effectively over the working hours over the period of a work week. You can view the allocations on a daily basis and for every hour. You are thus able to schedule your employees in the best possible manner down to a period of an hour for most productive results. You would be able to create list of employees working on any given day, create and manage workflow assignments, etc. This has a simple interface and is quite intuitive. Most users would be able to get productive very quickly. The controls are also well laid out. The controls are intuitive so that most users will be able to figure out what to do and how to do it. Just a few minutes should be all that is needed for learning to use it.

The database created can be backed up from within the application so that you need not worry about disasters. However, since this is an internal database and not a standard one like the Oracle, scaling may not be very simple. It would have been a very nice functionality. The employee scheduling cannot be as per the need of a set of tasks of a project. Data could be exported in XLS for further processing in some other application. This is a good product and has many useful features. If you have a need, here is a good candidate for trying out.

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- Ace Schedule program is an accurate software tool for: Measuring your company's workload against your staff. Easier and faster your company's staff scheduling. Replicating your staff employee schedule. Exporting schedules into XLS files.
- Keep the costs low with better productivity. Organize day-to-day operation of any store or facility: Create list of employees working on any given day. Create and manage workflow assignments. Steep learning and experience curves. Learning is achieved very rapidly.
- Ace Schedule is a staff employee scheduling tool with a clean and easy-to-use interface. Ace Schedule automates scheduling, backuping your database, exporting data into XLS files and makes employee scheduling in other programs incredibly burdensome.
Ace Schedule
Ace Schedule
Version 2.51
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